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Zanzibar Telecom – ZANTEL in Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania


In 2003, hti was appointed by the Government of Zanzibar to set up the Second Network Operator (SNO) in the Zanzibar archipelago of Islands in the Indian Ocean, to provide all types of telecommunications services both at national and international level.

hti took this assignment to concept and development stages from a “green field” situation. This involved defining the network and dealing with the regulatory environment including operational matters, where hti played a key role as the Advisor and Consultant to the Board and Management of ZANTEL.

When discussing ZANTEL’s set up, it’s very important to note that this proved a major step in the liberalisation of the telecom sector both in Tanzania and regionally. ZANTEL was also set up as the first international gateway in the Sub-Sahara Africa region.

During hti‘s involvement in the set up and implementation of this project, ZANTEL proved itself a success through the its growth, vision and innovation.

Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) and West Indian Ocean Cable Company Limited (WIOCC)

In 2003 hti initiated the concept of connecting the Eastern Africa sea-board to the rest of the World by deploying a high speed, wide band, submarine optical fibre cable system. As Coordinator fo this multi-country project, hti saw EASSy through its implementation, leading to commencement of commercial operations in 2010.

In the EASSy project, hti was involved in defining the concept, in project development, feasibility studies, ownership structures and project funding. With this, hti also dealt with Development Funding Institutions (DFI’s), regional cross-country regulatory issues, government liasons and other international telecom carriers.

However, what especially proved itself was the EASSy Funding and Consortium Hybrid Ownership Structure in which some of the consortium members evolved themselves as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) as a single consortium member. This Public/Private Partnership (PPP) structure proved itself a great success and one that can be readily applied to any future infrastructural development, e.g., roads, transportation, power generation etc.

The link below highlights the impact of the EASSy submaring cable  systme in the development of Africa:

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